Soilmec Arabia official inauguration


On February 12th Soilmec Arabia was officially inaugurated at its seat in Jeddah. The ceremony was held at the Hilton Hall of the homonymous hotel- a 5,000 square metres majestic hall- and with the participation of more than 230 people. Together with the most important Soilmec and Drillmec clients, the event hosted 10 Princes from the Royal Family as well as many Emirs. Among the many attendees, the following personalities are worth being mentioned: the Turkish Vice-Consul, Mr. Temizan, the Lebanese Consul, Mr. Moallem, the Italian Consul, Mr. Santacesaria and the Commercial Manager, Mr. Catania. During the ceremony a commemorative plate was handed out to the most representative clients and personalities.

Simone Trevisani introduced the Trevi Group and highlighted the strong interest of the Group's companies in this developing country. Drillmec President, Claudio Cicognani, underlined the important role played by our team-work in the company's successful performances. He called the whole staff of Soilmec Arabia and their Italian colleagues onto the stage and introduced them to the audience. Finally, Federico Pagliacci and Stefano Angeli outlined the range of Soilmec and Drillmec products and the la test novelties deriving from the continuous technological development carried on in Cesena and Piacenza.


The ceremony was then followed by a Gala Dinner, which represented one more chance for a further confrontation with our clients and for negotiations concernine future sales. After saying "good-bye" to the attendees, the evening party ended up with a small "private" ceremony. Our partner Mr. El Didi- the one who arranged the ceremony- and Mr. Trevisani gave a plate to all members of the staff, in order to underline how everybody, no matter their position, has contributed to the success of our companies worldwide.

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